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Roche in Basel/Kaiseraugst is a prestigious training center, hosting around 300 apprentices from the German-speaking part of Switzerland and neighboring countries. Each year, approximately 100 apprentices start their training in 15 forward-thinking EFZ professions, facilitated by top-notch facilities including modern labs and workshops. Apprentices at Roche have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and international environment, allowing them to cultivate significant future prospects.

The quality of education at Roche is exceptional, with a success rate of 98.5% in final apprenticeship exams, and it comes highly recommended by current and former apprentices due to the diverse opportunities for further development. As a global leader in healthcare, Roche plays a significant role in researching severe diseases and developing prescription medications and diagnostic systems, allowing apprentices to make a meaningful impact through their work during their training. Choosing an apprenticeship at Roche means entering a vibrant and continuously evolving training environment, backed by supportive and competent professional instructors, fostering an atmosphere that enhances both personal and professional growth. Join Roche to be part of an extraordinary company with a 125-year history of success and an outstanding international reputation.

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